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Image by Solen Feyissa

2024 biggest art giveway 

I want to give some love back to my awesome fans that you are. My biggest art giveaway will spread from April to July, with a new exclusive great prize to win every 10 days ! Expect an even bigger surprise for every draw. 📈

How to enter : ❓

1. Make sure you follow @augustinartist and like this post
2. Tag at least one of your friends in the comments
3. Tell me in the comments what you like about art

Giveaway rules

Image by Alexander Shatov

1) The giveaway takes place on instagram only, but will be announced and promoted on different social media platforms or websites.
2) Registration rules and prize to win are published on the instagram post.
3) Everyone can take part to the giveaway, there is no age restriction.
4) You can take part to one or more draw.
5) There is no geographic restriction.
6) Multiple giveaways will take place starting 17th of April 2024 and end in July 2024. Every 10 days a new prize will be possible to win and registrations will each time be possible for 1 week till 8 PM (UTC+2).
7) Winner(s) will be notified personally by private message in the 24h after the end of the registration period (see 5) and will be announced on the competition post in the meantime.
8) Winner(s) will be randomly selected through a third party app like 
9) Prizes that can’t be sent by post will need to be collected in my atelier in Belgium (Daloensdelle 4, 3090 Overijse) maximum 30 days after the winner(s) has been announced. If not possible, the winner and the organiser may agree to change the original prize and replace it by a small framed original artwork that can be sent by post.
10) If the winner can't pick up the prize in time, it can not reclaim it anymore or anything else and the prize remains in the ownership of the organiser.
11) Every prize comes with its certificate of authenticity 
12) Giveaway rules can be found on


This competition is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram and is organised by artist Augustin Sagehomme (Augustin Global).

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