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About me
Harmony Augustin Sagehomme artist Fusion

During the first 10 years of of his artistic life, Augustin Sagehomme used to be called Tino den Weiss, which was a contraction of his first name Augustin with the translation of his last name, Sagehomme, in German : weis man.  Not only is the colour white important in his creations, but it also underline the opposition between south and north that come as one in a perfect harmony, the final quest in his art.  Warmful colors on one side and strict lines on the other side to create the right balance.

Augustin Sagehomme, is a Belgian artist, born in 1987.  All facets of Art and Culture shape his artistic personality.  From design to music, and from architecture to fashion, his passions and sources of inspiration are numerous.  Endowed with a good sense of observation and high sensitivity, his prowess is fed by the essences of everything that surrounds him. 

His artworks are characterized by a subtle balance between the harmony of shapes and colours, through the use of oil paints and acrylic on canvas. 

Having grown up in natural surroundings, it is within him to find rest and relaxation in that environment.  Augustin believes that nature, is a gift.  One which needs to be taken care of.  The balance in his work is that although he values the beauty of nature he also finds big cities attractive and beautiful. Places where he is enamored by the energetic city-lights, nonpareil architecture and a beautiful cultural diversity.  

Beside his paintings, he also created a very exclusive concept known as the Collection, which is a fully customized deer trophy.  Each item of the collection is real and unique.

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